September 26, 2020

What Type Of Wood Glue Is Best To Use?

The wood glue is a great tool for you to bond wood materials together or to bond wood to other materials. Using wood glue is the fastest and most convenient way to complete a wood craft project without the use of nails or other complex techniques.

Currently on the market there are many types of wood glues and that variety will also make it difficult for the user to choose the best types of wood glue. For starters, they don’t know what type of wood glue is best and often make wrong choices.

Here are the 3 types of wood glue that we think work best.

#1 Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) Glue

PVA glue is a very flexible glue and is often used to bond wood materials together. This glue can also work well with many other projects and it is famous for being glue with permanent bond.

It is usually opaque white in color and is barely toxic, just make sure not to swallow it. There are also some yellow PVA glues that are widely used for outdoor projects. This yellow PVA glue is also known as carpenter’s glue.

Once the PVA adhesive has dried, you will not be able to remove it. So you need to make sure you don’t get any bad glue. And remember to grip the wooden pieces before the glue dries.

#2 Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue

CA glue is widely used for short-term damage projects, it is often used to bond small wood materials or fill cracks. CA glue is also known as the super glue and is instantaneous.

CA glue is a very fast drying adhesive that binds materials almost immediately. So you need to work carefully before the glue dries completely.

This glue works especially well with damp wood chips. You also do not need to hold the pieces of wood for long to bond. These glue stains can also be removed with acetone.

#3 Epoxy Glue

Epoxy glue is a popular glue and is used by many carpenters. Epoxy adhesive is often used on large wood projects and can bond very strongly and firmly against wood pieces.

Epoxy adhesives have a denser texture than other glues. It is usually a mixture of turpentine and a hardener. You should wear gloves or other protective gear when working with this adhesive to avoid burns or irritation.

Epoxy adhesives work best with cleaned and sanded surfaces.

September 26, 2020

Blade cheese slicer vs wire cheese slicer: Which one is better?

Instead of wasting your time, energy and efforts cutting your cheese manually, you can get the perfect cuts with less efforts by using a cheese slicer. Nowadays, cheese slicers become a great tool to have in your kitchen with varied shapes and colors and incorporate diverse improvements.

However, there are two basic type of cheese slicer are blade cheese slicer and wire cheese slicer. The slicing cheese is either performed by a strong, thin wire or a solid blade. This post will helps you consider whether you want the best wire cheese slicer or the one with blade.

#1 Durability

Blade slicers is performed by a solid blade and their effective is depends on the sharpness of the blade’s edge. Due to this, they last for quite long time. Since the blades are very sharp to slice the cheese and also can be used to slice vegetables and other foods, this makes safety a big concern. Be careful and pay attention on your finger when using Blade cheese slicers, especially if you own a cutting board unit.

Wire slicers are safer to operate. But the downside of wire cheese slicer is that over a period time using, wires tend to lose tension or even break more often than blades require sharpening. This means that you will have to tighten your cheese wire and sometime replace it.

Luckily, some manufacturers offer easy-to-install wire replacements for their products, some wire slicers even offer the second wire with the purchase. But if they are not, you can easy buy replacement wires in the marketplace with low prices.

#2 The type of cheeses

Not all cheeses are the same. The type of chees also determines the type of cheese slices you should get. What is your favourite cheese? Do you like thin slices or thick chunks? Although they are both allow to adjust the slice thickness, each type of cheese slicers will work greater on certain cheese.

Wire cheese slicers are great for thin and even slicing of most cheeses around the soft to middle hard cheese such as Camembert and Munster. While blade slicers designs are versatile and suitable for exploring the tough realm of hard cheeses.

#3 Versatility

I appreciate blade slicer higher than wire slicers in this aspect. A cheese slicer with a cutting wire may not be able to slice through a hard meat such as salami. Wire slicers are specialized tools that are designed for slicing cheese only.

While a model with a metal blade should be able to cut through other types of foods. With higher quality blade cheese slicers, you can slice other foods, such as meats or breads or vegetables.

September 12, 2020

How often to clean a canister filter for 75 gallon aquarium?

A canister filter is recommeded to use for 75 gallons aquarium as it has a larger body than most other filter that allows the filter to hold extra media and power enough to filter 75 gallon tank and more. A canister filter ensure that all the impurities and debris that are not needed in the water are removed.

However, even the best filter for 75 gallon aquarium needs to be cleaned as well. Canister filters are susceptible to clogging. If you want your fish and other aquarium animals live in a safe, clean enviroment, It is essential to create your canister filter maintenance schedule.

#1 What are the signs that you should clean your canister?

Actually, there are no exactly time when you need to clean your canister filter as the canister filters are different. For example, fluval filter will require more frequently to clean than a Eheim canister filter. Not only that, small tank also need to be cleaned more time than larger one. 75 gallons tank will clean for longer than 30 gallons tank.

However, there are some things will tell you when is your time to clean your canister filter. Here are some signs that you should clean your canister:

When you detect bed odor from your aquarium water or it is become cloudy.

You have high levels of nitrate in your aquarium.

You can easy see much of debris and other solid particles are float in the water.

Your canister filter is clogged.

#2 How often should you change canister filter media for 75 gallons tank

Changing filter media also means that you will remove some essential bacterial from your tank, so you should not change all your media at once. 75 gallons tank does not require to maintain much frequently. How often to change the filter media depends on the types of media.

Ceramic media will not require changing for a long time, it can run for up to several years without need to be change. However, the sponge and floss filters will catch debirs and need to be changed more frequently. You can cut the sponge filters into half and replace one half and the other half after a week or so.

Chemical filter will nee to be change if you use carbon-filled bags for your filter. Carbon is only effective for a few weeks, and then you need to replace the cartridges. But if itnot contain carbon, you can replace it when you notice some odor or cloudy appearance in your aquarium water.

August 22, 2020

What should look for when choosing best camera belt clip?

A bulky camera bag, a backpack, or a camera strap are not a rapid solution to take a photo that just take place in a moment. These things also get you tire to carry around for long time. This is time for you to looking for a perfect tool that help you holds your camera while easy to access for any type of activity.

The best camera belt clip is designed for this purpose. It also keeps your camera secure as well. The camera clip belt will replace your old method as soon try it for the first time. These following are something you should look for in a camera belt clip.

#1 Functionality

One of the most important purposes of a camera belt clip is attach to your belt and make the camera always ready to capture a shot. That means you do not need to waste your time to pull your camera out form the backpack.

A camera holster is considered to be good if it provides quick access to your equipment, so that you can get your camera without fuss and take a photo. There is always sometime that you really want to capture interesting moment, you need to react very fast. Therefor, choose the clip that have several access points and can be easily opened from the top.

#2 Security lock

To prevent the case of cameras dropping out of camera clips when they are in full play, you have to ensure that the camera clip you choose includes a securiry lock. This will protected from accidental release no matter how you hang your camera on your clip.

You may find the DIY camera belt clip that being sold in the internet. However, they are might not come with the lock to protect your camere. You should be of sound mins when make a decision.

#3 Compatibility

You won’t want to buy a camera belt clip and then realise that it can not mount on your belt. Ensure that the clip is compatible with you belt before buying. Most of them can be use for many different types of belt and strap, however, some clips will limit the width and thickness of the belt they can work with.

Normally, the camera clip packaging states how width the belt it can work with. If you have te belt that larger than 3 inches wide, you must becareful check the camera clip packaging.

May 25, 2020

Mealworms Vs. Crickets What Is The Best Food For Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons make the ideal pets for beginners since they are easy to care for, and do not require any complicated thing to live in the enclosure.

Bearded dragons are not fussy eaters; they are omnivores so they can eat vegetables, fruits, and insects.

Mealworms and crickets are two feeder insects that most popular in the bearded dragons keeper community. This post will be going over the differences between the two in order to figure what is the best food for bearded dragons.

#1 Protein

All the food will contain a certain level of degree of nutrients. One of them is protein, which correlates directly with the growth rates of your bearded dragons.

In other words, the foods that contain more protein are usually better to feed. Mealworm has medium levels of protein is 20%, meanwhile, cricket contains about 22% of protein. When it comes to protein, cricket seems to be better than mealworms.

#2 Fat

Fat is the compound that should be contained at a low level in food for bearded dragons. It is just should be fed in some special cases such as when the bearded dragon at the younger age or breeding.

Too much amount of fat can lead to the risk of fatty liver disease obesity and other health problem for an adult bearded dragon. Mealworms contain a double amount of fat compared to cricket. Mealworm is 12% and cricket is 6%.

#3 Feeding

Mealworm is the larvae of darkling beetle. They are quite, slow and natural what makes them become ideal food for your bearded dragons.

However, mealworms have a rough outer skeleton, the baby bearded dragons will get hard to digest them. Mealworm even can lead to the risk of dangerous intestinal blockage for the baby bearded dragons if you feed them to much.

Cricket is better to feed the baby. However, cricket is very noisy and easy to escape. If they are escaped, they can be disturbing and bother you.

Note: You should not feed bearded dragon directly on the substrate but put mealworm or cricket into the food dish. Some types of substrates affect their digestive system. You should also choose the best substrate for bearded dragons with those that do not affect the digestive system too much if your pet eats.

May 22, 2020

Best HOB Filter: AquaClear 70 Vs. Fluval C4

HOB means hang on back aquarium filters is one of the most commonly used filters. It has a reasonable price, availability and efficiency. And if you’ve been keeping fish, so you’ve heard of Aquaclear and Fluval.

Aquaclear and Fluval are both known as the most reliable brands in the market of fish tank filters. In this post we are going to compare AquaClear 70 and Fluval C4 filter in order to find what is the best HOB filter.

#1 Design

Although AquaClear is HOB filter, it is a buttom up design that is similar to canister filters. The water goes up from the bottom of the tank from the filter. It will ensure that all the water passes through the filter media.

AquaClear 670 is a part of Hagen’s AquaClear, it is designed to offer services for 70 gallons sized tank. However, to get the best efficiency, you are recommended to use it for 50 gallons tank too.

Fluval C4 filter contains a modular media compartment, which allows you to remove and clean each part of it at a time. This designed to make it can contain much more filtration media than other HOB filters.

Fluval C4 filter is the biggest version in C- Fluval filter. C4 can work for the tank that contains from 40 to 70 gallons.

#2 Filtration system

Both AquaClear 670 and Fluval C4 filters are considered the best fish tank filters because they have good filtration systems.

A large compartment is the outstanding point of both Aquaclean 40 and the Fluval C4 filter. Aquaclear 70 comes with some filter media are aquaClear Form, Activated Carbon, BioMax and Cycle Guard.

These filter media offer the water 3 stages of filtration: mechanical, chemical and biological.

Fluval C4 provides 5stage of filtration include two mechanical, one chemical and two biological, which make cleaning and scrubbing really effective.

#3 Flow rate

Luckily, both Aquaclear 70 and Flucal C4 come with the features of flow rate control, which allow you to regular and reduce the flow rate without affecting the effectiveness of the filter.

Both of them allow the users to reduce flow in the tank by up to 50%. The slower flow rate means that the longer time for the water to go through the filter media, and due to this, the water quality will be increased.

The drawback that sometimes there are flow problems that can appear in AquaClear filters. But this problem can be solved by a thorough cleaning.

April 24, 2020

How To Use Hoof Trimmers For Goats?

Like humans, goats hoof never stop growing. In the wild, they can wear down their hoof naturally when they walk and forage on mountain cliffs. But when they are kept on a farm or whether they are grazed in the pasture, goats hoof will need to be trimmed regularly.

If you have a flock of many goats, this work may take you a couple of days to get done. The best hoof trimmer for goats can help you to do this job correctly.

Why do you need to trim goats hoof?

If the hoof not kept trim, continue to overgrow and out of shape, it can lead to the risk of some diseases such as hoof scald and some other health problems cause by bacteria. More seriously, if the hoof rot, it can cause the dead is possible for your goats

The goat’s metabolism is usually quite rapid, so they need to move around when they grazed in the pasture. But when the hoof did not keep trim, they do not have a healthy feed and may get hurt when walking.

What you will need?

The best goat hoof trimmers

A rasp

Corn starch, styptic powder, wound spay for the case if you trim too deep and the hoof begins to bleed. These things will help you to stop the bleed.

Guiding for use hoof trimmers for goats

You can get started by cleaning the hoof. Remove all the excess debris to see the hoof clearly. Firstly, you can use hoof trimmers to cut at the edges of the hoof. Trim the hoof until all callus is removed well, these are bright pink color.

Then, you move to the underside of the hoof and trim the excess part of it. Once again, cleaning the hoof inside and remove all the mold in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. You should do it gently since this part is soft and sensitive, you can easily hurt your goats.

April 24, 2020

Buying Guide: Best Zero Gravity Chairs for Outdoor

When we go out to have some outdoor activities like camping, fishing or picnic, we carry all the staff we need to feel comfortable. Chairs are one of those things. For the outdoor activities, we need those chairs to be as light as possible, strong, and cozy. Here is where the best zero gravity camping chair comes in.

The best zero gravity chair

There is a chair that will make your every outdoor activity even better. Although I talk about camping and similar things, you can use this chair at home as well. Zero gravity chair cannot defy gravity, but it can be positioned so you will feel like you are floating. With the correct position, your weight will be equally spread over the chair, which will create a zero-gravity effect. Some experts claim that the body put in a zero-gravity position relieves the stress faster.

A chair reduces pressure on the spine and relieves muscle tension. You will find the zero-gravity type of chair usually fully padded, with head and lumbar pillow for support. To create durable and quality chairs, the manufacturers use the finest materials. The frame in these types of chairs is made of steel, and the seating is made of durable polyester. Some chairs have wooden armrests. The best zero gravity chair Canada is ergonomically designed to fit almost every body shape and size. You will find some of these chairs easily transformed into a rocking chair.

You can find this type of chair with some interesting features added to it, like a cup holder or a cup tray for drinks and food. Most chairs have removable headrests and cup holders. Some headrests are washable. When done using the best zero gravity camping chair, simply fold it and store it anywhere you like.

Choosing the size, color, and features is up to your preferences and wishes.

See more maybe you are interested here.

April 19, 2020

Best Backpacks Vacuum Cleaners

What you don’t know about vacuum cleaners

What else can keep your room floor sparkling clean if not vacuum cleaners? Of course, they are so effective in cleaning, that even the tiniest hair-like particles are picked up instantly. Not that they only super-clean your room; they save you from stress and make you keep to time. You won’t spend the whole day doing a thorough cleaning.

Despite their mind-blowing cleaning ability, they’re metals weighing in multi-kilograms. That’s why some of them are not carried about while cleaning. This is one of the cons that discredit them from being portable. However, with the rise of innovations, a generation of vacuum cleaners with more pros than cons have already flooded the market to help both domestic and commercial users work with much ease. Their portability is no longer in question because most of them are light-weighted and can be carried about while cleaning.

Still on their pros; they come with backpacks so that you can carry it about. Don’t worry about the stress of weight, they’re light and portable.

Here are a few things you should know about backpack vacuum cleaners before you make your best selection out there.  Let’s begin:

  • HEPA filtration

There is nothing as cozy as a room with fresh air, charming-neatness and no odor. That’s why you have to go for the best backpack vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration system. High-Efficiency Particulate Air filtration system removes microscopic particulates and leftover odors, thereby keeping a cleaner air good even for your body system.

  • Get Essential Accessories and Attachment

Go for backpack vacuum cleaners that are flexible and extensible. These ones are compatible with important accessories and attachments. With the accessories, vacuum cleaners become extensible, performing different jobs such as cleaning different floor surfaces and even reaching the ceiling to clean it.

  • Is it bagged?

Before you lay your hands on a new backpack vacuum cleaner, you’ll have to decide whether to go for the backpack bagged or bag-less ones.  Either of them has pros and cons. If you will opt for bagged cleaners, get ready to spend on vacuum bags. They are pretty expensive, and they are not eco-friendly. However, backpacked vacuum cleaners have excellent ability to trap dust and debris and you don’t need filter maintenance.

Aside from the aforementioned details, bag-less cleaners are an alternative choice if you have planned to spend little. It’s really cost-effective because you don’t have to buy vacuum bags. At the other hand, you just have to be cleaning the filters for optimum performance. So get ready, to keeping replacing the filter periodically.


There are more to what you ought to know about vacuum cleaners, and there are new generations of them that will still hit the market. But for now; we have a download of suitable durable vacuum backpacks that are higher than other backpacked cleaners in the scale of quality.

See backpack vacuum cleaners that are functionally versatile and make your choice today.

April 17, 2020

Should You Get The Nano Aquarium Form Fish Tank Shop Near Me?

What is the nano aquarium? Basically, it is the small tank that contains only a maximum of 30 gallons of water. For example, a small saltwater tank holds only 15 gallons may be considered as a nano tank.

If you are looking for a tank to keep fish that placed on your desktop, your kitchen countertop or in your office, the nano tank can be the best option to buy in the fish tank shop near me. 

However, there are also some drawbacks will come with the tiny aquarium.

The advantages of nano aquarium fish tank

The small tanks absolutely save more money than the larger tanks. Due to its size, you can use less of the equipment for this tank and also it requires less energy to run. Moreover, the larger tanks will take more cost to be maintained, and they need the equipment with stronger capacity.

Nano tank takes less space. This is the most attractive reason that makes people choosing a nano tank. If you do not have much space, or you prefer the small tank to place in the desktop, or you are living in a small apartment.

It is needless to say that the nano tank should be the best aquarium starter kits. What is better to create a lively working space than a small fish tank?

Nano tank is lightweight. If you have ever use the large tank before, you will know that weight is an issue for your floor and you might need a strong shelf to hold this tank.

Besides, the lightweight tank also allows you to move it everywhere you want. For every couple of weeks, you will need to change 20% of water in the tank. With the nano tank, this process will be faster and take less effort than a large tank.

The drawbacks of nano fish tank

Using the nano space means that you just have enough space to keep one or two fishes inside. Because each fish will require its own territory.

The limited space also allows the pollution process to occur faster. This pollution due to fish waste, food, and dirt built up in the tank.

So you have to clean and change the water more frequently. For all the cases, the larger tank is always better for fish health.