Natacha Bouchart

What should look for when choosing best camera belt clip?

A bulky camera bag, a backpack, or a camera strap are not a rapid solution to take a photo that just take place in a moment. These things also get you tire to carry around for long time. This is time for you to looking for a perfect tool that help you holds your camera while easy to access for any type of activity.

The best camera belt clip is designed for this purpose. It also keeps your camera secure as well. The camera clip belt will replace your old method as soon try it for the first time. These following are something you should look for in a camera belt clip.

#1 Functionality

One of the most important purposes of a camera belt clip is attach to your belt and make the camera always ready to capture a shot. That means you do not need to waste your time to pull your camera out form the backpack.

A camera holster is considered to be good if it provides quick access to your equipment, so that you can get your camera without fuss and take a photo. There is always sometime that you really want to capture interesting moment, you need to react very fast. Therefor, choose the clip that have several access points and can be easily opened from the top.

#2 Security lock

To prevent the case of cameras dropping out of camera clips when they are in full play, you have to ensure that the camera clip you choose includes a securiry lock. This will protected from accidental release no matter how you hang your camera on your clip.

You may find the DIY camera belt clip that being sold in the internet. However, they are might not come with the lock to protect your camere. You should be of sound mins when make a decision.

#3 Compatibility

You won’t want to buy a camera belt clip and then realise that it can not mount on your belt. Ensure that the clip is compatible with you belt before buying. Most of them can be use for many different types of belt and strap, however, some clips will limit the width and thickness of the belt they can work with.

Normally, the camera clip packaging states how width the belt it can work with. If you have te belt that larger than 3 inches wide, you must becareful check the camera clip packaging.

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