Best guinea pig food: What you should feed your guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are known as herbivores, they just eat greens and fruits and do not eat meat, insects. Guinea pigs are burrowing rodents native to the South American grasslands. Their teeth never stop growing, so that they need plenty of roughage to help wear down their teeth.

In order to keep your guinea pigs happy and healthy, you should provide in their diet:

The best guinea pig food is grass or grass hay and any hay that have low calcium. You can feed them with unlimited amounts of hay. It also should have a good quality; the quality hay encourages the guinea pigs chewing longer, which helps them to wear down their teeth. Moreover, hay also works as the best guinea pig chews.

Providing in their daily diet a variety of green vegetables and herbs. The vegetables you should feed your guinea pigs include green lettuce. Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, romaine lettuce, endive, squash, kale. You should offer fresh vegetables for them once a day.

The valuable source of vitamin C also plays an important role in your guinea pigs’ diet. Some foods are vitamin C rich such as green veggies and capsicums can be fed every day.  There are also some vitamin C supplies like carrots, kiwi, pineapple but they have a high level of sugar.

So that you should not feed them this food daily. Instead, these foods will be great for your pet to feed a few times a week.

If you have any change to your guinea pigs foods or diet, note that the new foods should be provided in a gradual way for a few weeks. This is to ensure that your guinea pig’s digestive system will have time to get used to these new foods and adjust by itself.

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