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Blade cheese slicer vs wire cheese slicer: Which one is better?

Instead of wasting your time, energy and efforts cutting your cheese manually, you can get the perfect cuts with less efforts by using a cheese slicer. Nowadays, cheese slicers become a great tool to have in your kitchen with varied shapes and colors and incorporate diverse improvements.

However, there are two basic type of cheese slicer are blade cheese slicer and wire cheese slicer. The slicing cheese is either performed by a strong, thin wire or a solid blade. This post will helps you consider whether you want the best wire cheese slicer or the one with blade.

#1 Durability

Blade slicers is performed by a solid blade and their effective is depends on the sharpness of the blade’s edge. Due to this, they last for quite long time. Since the blades are very sharp to slice the cheese and also can be used to slice vegetables and other foods, this makes safety a big concern. Be careful and pay attention on your finger when using Blade cheese slicers, especially if you own a cutting board unit.

Wire slicers are safer to operate. But the downside of wire cheese slicer is that over a period time using, wires tend to lose tension or even break more often than blades require sharpening. This means that you will have to tighten your cheese wire and sometime replace it.

Luckily, some manufacturers offer easy-to-install wire replacements for their products, some wire slicers even offer the second wire with the purchase. But if they are not, you can easy buy replacement wires in the marketplace with low prices.

#2 The type of cheeses

Not all cheeses are the same. The type of chees also determines the type of cheese slices you should get. What is your favourite cheese? Do you like thin slices or thick chunks? Although they are both allow to adjust the slice thickness, each type of cheese slicers will work greater on certain cheese.

Wire cheese slicers are great for thin and even slicing of most cheeses around the soft to middle hard cheese such as Camembert and Munster. While blade slicers designs are versatile and suitable for exploring the tough realm of hard cheeses.

#3 Versatility

I appreciate blade slicer higher than wire slicers in this aspect. A cheese slicer with a cutting wire may not be able to slice through a hard meat such as salami. Wire slicers are specialized tools that are designed for slicing cheese only.

While a model with a metal blade should be able to cut through other types of foods. With higher quality blade cheese slicers, you can slice other foods, such as meats or breads or vegetables.

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