June 23, 2019

How To Make Halo Halo?


Halo halo, as known as a Filipino shaved ice sundae, is the classic dessert and also the summertime treat in the Philippines. Halo Halo in Tagalog means “mix-mix” so it is a colorful layered dessert composing of the main ingredients: sweetened beans, shaved ice, fruits, evaporated milk and scoops of ice cream.

I am really into Halo Halo and one day I decided to make my own Halo halo. I took many pieces of research on recipes and then did my first Filipino dessert. In this article, I wanna share with you the instruction of “How to make Halo halo” collected from all the actual practices when making this shaved ice sundae.

How to Make Halo Halo?

As I’ve said above, the ingredients which are used to make halo halo are kinda different and various so they need to be placed in a tall glass in order to expose the beauty of these ingredients. The number one element that we can’t ignore is shaved ice. (I had my best shaved ice machine from Amazon here). Not crushed or ice cubes, shaved ice brings the perfect connection to other ingredients easier, especially when you add some scoops of evaporated milk on top.

The main components of a cup of Halo halo like fruits and sweetened beans or ice creams could change by seasons and personal hobbies. You can use jackfruit, mango, banana for fruits; red beans, chickpeas or black beans for sweetened beans also different flavors of ice creams. It depends on what kinds of ingredient you and your guest may like and what is available in your kitchen. After completely choosing ingredients, you need to prepare each of them ready to be placed in the glass, it means that fruits are sliced into cubes and beans are cooked well. Put respectively fruits on the bottom layer and next is the sweetened beans and then add shaved ice drizzled with evaporated milk, finally top this cup by 2 to 3 scoops of ice cream. Additional components that can be used to make your glass of Halo halo become more untraditional are sprinkling some cereals or even adding black pearls. Now mix, mix and mix your colorful and layered glass of Halo halo and enjoy the sound of summer around you.

There are some notes I want you to notice when making and serving Halo Halo:

– When you don’t have any tall glass, you can use a big bowl or cup instead, as long as it is easy for you to mix. Tall glasses just serves for exposing the beauty inside so it is suitable for people who run a dessert store and want to level up the visual of their products in the customers’ eyes.

– The only secret to a great glass of halo halo is no matter it has the best cast of ingredients, it must include the freshly shaved ice. Ice has be to remained soft and snowy so everything will completely mix and bloom in your mouth. It is the reason why you need the best shaved ice machine.