Natacha Bouchart

Marijuana Concentrates

Oils and Wax – Oils and Wax are extremely concentrated forms of THC. They come in many colors and textures that are based on the variety of cannabis used and the method of extraction employed.  Wax and oil can be vaporized, smeared on a paper or leaf, or smoke on Marijuana. Some patients  have reported using wax or oil for anxiety and insomnia as well as relaxing body aches. The two species of the Cannabis genus that are most commonly grown are Indica and Sativa.
Hash oil is a concentrated substance derived from Cannabis. The texture varies from a crystal(gloss) amber to gold resin(smoother). Hash oil is a resinous matrix of cannabinoids produced by a solvent  extraction of Cannabis. Hash oil is a concentrated product with a high THC content, which generally  varies between 40% and 90%. Related honey oil is a specific type of hash oil extract. Hash oil is traditionally a dark, golden hue.
Wax commonly known as Earwax is pure cannabinoids, containing mostly THC, CBD and CBN’s. It’s  pretty much like honey oil but in a purer form with little to no contaminants. Typically Earwax contains  60% – 80% THC, however with great skill and selective strains. There have been records that indicated upwards 90% THC and the highest recorded being 99.6% THC!

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