Natacha Bouchart

Medical Marijuana Topicals

Topical’s are a concentrated form of cannabis you apply to your skin rather than ingesting or smoking. These products are not ingested, they are a great alternative for patients wishing to benefit from the pain relieving aspect of medical cannabis use without the psycho-active effects from smoking or ingesting cannabis.  Many patients report feeling numb or tingly wherever the topical is applied and continued use has shown that there are many healthy benefits to applying cannabis products directly to the skin.


A doctor’s note on Cannabis Topical’s:

Cannabinoids and possibly other healing components of the plant are absorbed directly through the skin; the anti-inflammatory properties are outstanding, reducing recovery time from injuries and promoting healing of lesions.  Topical cannabis has also been used by my lupus patients and rheumatoid arthritis patients to increase the function of joints and decrease nodule formation.

Frank Lucido, MD

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